Board of Directors

Derrick D. Holloway

Board Chair

Outstretched Hands CDC; AEffect Change Cooperative

CEO / Outstretched Hands CDC Founder / AEffect.Change Cooperative Initiative Poet/Spoken Word Artist and Author turned Community Activist. A visionary, committed to the tasks of Educating, Empowering and Elevating communities and creating positive change in the lives of people who desperately need it. "My purpose in life has aligned with my passions and AEffect.Change is the fruit of it."

Andrea Williams

Vice Chair

Marketing, and Financial Literacy

Andrea is a Principle member of WTA Tax & Accounting Group. She has a passion for empowering people to make better financial decisions and creating a “can do” mindset through developing leadership and entrepreneurship skills. She furthers these passions by serving on the the Financial Literacy and Empowerment, Sustainability, and Community Awareness and Engagement committees.

Fatima Smith


Events Coordinating

Executive Producer/Creative Director of FSmith Productions. "I sincerely feel like together , we can BE the change that we want to see by joining forces, making things happen, and doing our due diligence. I am proud, grateful and blessed to be a part of an organization with such diverse backgrounds, intelligent minds, and enormous faith to make a difference in our community."

Nikki Cross

Asst. Secretary; Board Member

Fundraising, Homeless Advocacy, and Cooperative Housing

Princessa Palmer-Hayes

Board Member

Financial Literacy, and Homeless Advocacy

Certified life coach and MIXXEDFIT instructor, with a deep background in finance and banking; the owner of BeYoutiful Beginnings, LLC. and mother of four. “I chose to commit to AEC because of the mindset of it’s members and I knew I would be actively working the processes of positive change. Change had finally become a physical manifestation, no longer just a word. My heart was made to serve.”

Jermaine Williams

Board Member

Education & Empowerment

I have a major passion for helping others become the best versions of themselves possible. The opportunity to impact lives at every level through AEffect.Change is a profound blessing. The collective has a far greater reach than the individual, and I believe together we can make the largest impact. I have a background in Information Technology, Infrastructure Systems Design/Analysis.

Charles V. Freeman III

Board Member


Pastor at Cup of Salvation Deliverance Church, and leader in the Rites of Passage Mentoring Program. Charles is a youth advocate, spoken word artist and inspirational speaker within the community. Mentoring and cultivating leadership qualities in our youth is his passion. An advocate for foster care and adoption, his focus and drive is always geared toward relationships, righteousness and Christ.

James Robertson, Jr.

Board Member

Community Awareness, Homeless Advocacy

Elder, and Co-Director of the Outreach Ministry at Cup of Salvation Deliverance Church. "I believe God put me here to help make a change in this region. I like to encourage and help people do better in life. I believe AEffect.Change is an organization that can and will make a difference in this region. I enjoy talking about the Lord, my wife, my family and my favorite sports teams."

Tai Miles Caldwell

Board Member

Community Engagement

Founder of I Push Greatness, and her own Production Company, Tai Miles Productions, Tai Miles-Caldwell is on a mission to change, not only the faces of communities but the hearts of the people within the communities one smile, one touch, one production at a time. Her love for the community, and determination to bring about change is her reason for being a part of Æffect.Change.

Allison Kalloo

Board Member

Health & Wellness

Graduate of the Madeira School, North Carolina Central University, and Yale School of Public Health, Allison Kalloo, MPH, founded Clinical Ambassador and #iParticipate to drive the urgency of equitable access and industry accountability in clinical trials, change the narrative of what “evidence-based medicine” and inclusion really mean, and improve health outcomes for people of color.

Alicia Robey

Board Member

Homeless Advocacy Coordinator

Project Manager in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Musician and Videographer. “My WHY for advocating AEffect.Change is that I wanted to get off the bench and into the game. It was time for me to do something and AEffect.Change provided the perfect opportunity.” My purpose in life is to love God and love people and AEffect.Change gives me the opportunity to love God by loving his people.