3rd Saturday's Monthly Outreach


The 3rd Saturday of each month is the designated monthly engagement, but there are opportunities throughout the weeks to re-engage, reconnect with, follow-up, check in, assist and cater to some of the needs of the homeless. Advocacy isn’t a once a month opportunity. 

This initiative requires a relatively large volunteer presence to engage the homeless community in the Joyland/East Durham, Downtown Durham, and Southpoint areas. The extent to which volunteers are willing to participate in initiatives is left to their discretion, but some of the responsibilities and/or activities will include:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Preparing and distributing meals
  • Transporting items in personal vehicles
  • Going into tent communities and wooded areas
  • Administering surveys/questionnaires
  • Collecting needed items of clothing
  • Providing transportation to homeless
  • Picking up trash and debris
  • Encountering substance abusers
  • Engaging mental instability
  • Walking in the street and under bridges
  • Providing contact information to 3rd parties 

The AEffect.Change Homeless Advocacy Initiative is one that inspires a level of commitment that may not have initially been expected. Each member of the team that has been involved with this initiative has seen first-hand the diverse dynamics of what it takes to engage the homeless population in love, compassion, understanding, and with no expectations. It is a laborious pursuit that can easily fall apart through inconsistency.