WICO (When It's Cold Outside)


When Its Cold Outside (WICO) there are those who endure a far harsher reality than us. Ours is the place to share compassion and understanding. Now is the time to demonstrate to them that we see and care about their humanity, and be the help that they need in this present season.

This is how we AEffect.Change in our community. We can’t disregard the homeless of our community. And though we may not be able to redeem their every circumstance, there are some things that we can offer as the weather begins changing. When we consider all that we have, a blanket… a pair of warm socks… pale in comparison. But that’s a reality that could be deemed a luxury to someone who’s sleeping outside. So, let’s consider all that we have… to give.

Æffect.Change HQ (The Cup Center) 1020 Hwy. 70 East, Durham, NC 27703 will serve as the designated donation site. Items may be taken to and dropped off here, now through Dec. 15th, Monday – Friday 11:00am – 4:00pm. Wed. & Fri. 11:00am until 7:00pm.

Items Needed:

  • Weatherproof insulated blankets
  • Sleeping bags
  • Gloves
  • Thick/Wool/Warm Socks 3pk 
  • Thermos/Insulated Coffee Carriers
  • Head/Ear/Neck Gear
  • Thermal Underwear
  • Weatherproof Backpacks
  • Hooded Parkas/Jackets/Coats

Monetary donations for the purchase of selected like items can be given as well.

Checks payable to Outstretched Hands CDC can be mailed or delivered to OHCDC at  1020 Hwy. 70 East, Durham, NC 27703. Memo/Attn AEffect.Change WICO Initiative