• Cooperative Sustainability

The Vision

Cooperative Sustainability - Communities working together to promote productive and sustainable lifestyles, with community wellness being the focus. 

The Mission

Our responsibilities include cultivating aquaponic greenhouses and sustainable harvesting systems within the community, developing or adopting a model of sustainable farm-to-table producing systems by which to provide product, skills training and employment opportunities to the community, as well as researching means of funding for sustainability efforts. They will initiate outreach efforts to like-minded organizations willing to assist or share knowledge of the process of beginning and maintaining a hydroponic/aquaponic greenhouse, i.e. local co-ops, farmers, and university agricultural departments.


  • To address the need for resolve to Durham's Affordable Housing Crisis
  • Introduce a model for sustainable living for Durham's Chronically Homeless Population
  • Develop a Wellness Community Model in the principle of cooperative housing, that incorporates a live, work, learn opportunity for its residential growth, prosperity and sustainability
  • Create a viable economic resource for the community